Will Engaging English improve my official test scores?




  • nawaf Algulaiti

    i think if there quations in end of each article that is created form engaging like that created form TOEFL ETS it will be great and more benefit will be gain.

  • Reader 95058

    I also suggest that there could be some questions on critical reading skills

  • Zeno


    but it may take time 

  • Reader 62722

    Yeah, i agree with you guys. It's better if EE leaving their impression in the passages. 

  • Rayan
    Personally, I think it would be better for us if you create some TOEFL questions in the end of each article. Keep it close to real test.
  • Konstantin
    +1. Please add Toefl questions!
  • Ziad Gasgas

    I think adding questions similar to the toefl at the end of each paragraph will be amazing.

  • pravin

    i agree with you konstantin please add some question about toefl test

  • Junior98467

    Yeah! it would be great for us. I agree with all of you guys.

  • Reader 57589

    There should be questions after evry passage same like TOEFL exam.

  • jhu0243

    that is a good idea , since I don't know if I am improving my reading skill , it 'd be useful add some TOEFL questions. I totally agree.

  • CarlaIsabel

    anybody that want to practice the toefl...

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