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  • Reader 50034


    I want to have a targeted reading which would prove helpful to enhance my Toefl score.I have started reading the articles from today, have read 3 articles by now and my current score is 1410L ..can somebody please guide me how good or bad is this score?..also can someone tell me the tips to use engaging english the best way!..


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  • Reader 53638

    Hello Reader 50034,

    Engaging English uses Lexile technology to bring targeted reading to you. Since your Lexile measure is already at a high level, we would like to encourage you to read widely over many categories. As with every skill, improvement comes with consistency over time.  Also, be sure to use the Enhanced Articles as a way to chart your progress. Remember that reading practice over time and over many subject areas will give you a lot of exposure to the language.

    Keep reading! And best of luck to you,

    Engaging English Support Team

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